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Plucked Instruments


The design of my early medieval lute is based on a medieval Andalusian miniature. The body of the instrument is carved out of a single piece of wood, as were many other instruments at that time.

Vibrating length: 720 mm


There are numerous iconographic sources depicting early medieval European harps. Some of them are very plain and simple, yet others are richly decorated, since King David himself is often portrayed playing at harp.
It`s possible to order instruments of different sizes and tunings. Depending on the size of the instrument and the amount of decorations, its price ranges from 2000 to 7000 €.Height: 88 cm

Height: 69 cm

Height: 69 cm


This gusli is based on archaelogical finds of medieval instruments from Novgorod, Russia. Given the Nordic design of some of these instruments, it doesn`t seem far-fetched to associate the gusli with the harp or lyre mentioned in the sagas and depicted in carvings from Norway and Sweden.
It`s possible to make instuments of different tunings and choose among metal or gut strings.Height: 84 cm