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Bowed instruments


Fiddle (also fiele, viella, vielle, vidula) was one of the favourite instruments of medieval troubadours. It was actively played in Northern Europe throughout the 12th-15th centuries, and even earlier in Southern Europe. The instrument had several different outer shapes; for instance, resembling number eight, oval, pear-shaped, quadrangle, and so on. The number of strings usually amounted from three to five.
The prices of my fiddles are from 1800 to 4000 €, depending on size and technical solutions. The tunig should be specifed.Vibrating length: 390 mm

Vibrating length: 395 mm

Vibrating length: 370 mm

Vibrating length: 540 mm


The rebec originated in Arab countries, as did many other European medieval instruments, and had already found its way to its new home by the 10th century. Rebecs were usually carved out of a single piece of wood and their size ranged from tiny sopranos to large basses.
The instrument has nasal sound quality and it was mostly used in secular music.
Depending on the size of the instrument, its price ranges from 800 to 2000 €.Vibrating length: 320 mm

Vibrating length: 670 mm


The monochord is an ancient musical and scientific laboratory instrument. The word „monochord“ comes from Greek and means literally „one string“.
The instrument in the photo has a gut string.